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The Case of Mondo we Langa (formerly known as David Rice) and Ed Poindexter

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I created this website 13 years ago to support Mondo We Langa (formerly, David Rice) and Ed Poindexter's attempts to get back into court to prove their innocence. I know both of these men personally from the time that I lived in or near Omaha, Nebraska 1952-1988, which included ten years as an officer, two as Treasurer and eight as President of the Omaha NAACP. I have no doubts about Mondo and Ed's innocence, and since the courts refuse to grant them a new trial, I believe it is long past the time when the Nebraska Pardons Board should release Ed. Both men have served more time than prisoners sentenced to prison who actually murdered someone. Mondo was 68 years old when he died in prison on March 11, 2016 and Ed is 71. Ed is innocent and in poor health. There is no rational reason to incarcerate him until death; in fact, it is a violation of Nebraska law to do so.

I came to Father Flanagan’s Boys Town in 1952 as a nine-year old from rural Virginia, where I was born. After a stint in a Catholic seminary in Bay St. Louis, Miss. and Island Creek, Mass., I returned to Omaha in 1961 and enrolled at Creighton University. By 1970, I was married with two children and working at Mutual of Omaha, and later that year, for the City of Omaha. I was not politically active, just trying to finish my education, pay my bills, and raise a family. I drove a laundry/dry cleaning truck for One-Hour Martinizing, worked part-time at Skagway, Arlans, Sears, the Omaha World-Herald loading dock and taught two classes of sophomore Latin at Creighton Prep in 1964-65. David Rice was a student there, though not in my classes. From 1973 to 1977, I served as Omaha Human Relations Director, responsible for enforcing laws banning discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodations.

My consciousness was raised in 1969, when 14-year old Vivian Strong and some friends were having a party in a vacant apartment at the Logan-Fontenelle projects in Omaha’s African American ghetto. The police were called and the kids scattered. Vivian was running down the sidewalk when Omaha Police officer James Loder shot her to death with a bullet to the back of her head. Loder’s partner that night was Jimmy Smith. Jimmy and his wife lived across the street from us in the Hilltop Housing Projects. Jimmy tackled Loder and disarmed him. When Loder was acquitted of manslaughter charges, the African American community was righteously angry that another Caucasian police officer had gotten off with no punishment for the murder of another African American, this time a child.

The following year, in 1970, the bombing happened at 2867 Ohio. Most people in the African American community who knew Mondo and Ed did not believe they were guilty. Many doubted that Duane Peak, a 15-year old, who was supposed to have placed the bomb in the house, was involved. The Omaha World Herald newspaper wholeheartedly believed the prosecution's story; and apparently still does.

I cannot believe that 46 years have gone by and the evidence of government violations of their constitutional rights, prosecutorial misconduct, perjury, and suppressed evidence have all been ignored by the courts on appeal. Yet, President Ronald Reagan pardoned two FBI agents “in case they had done anything illegal” while engaged in clearly unconstitutional activity against American citizens, including Mondo and Ed. Why has there been no investigation into illegal actions by government officials against Mondo and Ed? This website is our attempt to tell a part of their story.

This website contains a summary of the case, information on COINTELPRO, the FBI's program to target and neutralize African American “militants”, biographical information about Mondo and Ed, samples of Mondo's writings and a link to court documents and television and radio shows by their supporters.

Please take a moment to analyze and question the prosecution's case. If you were innocent, would you ever give up trying to prove it?

Buddy Hogan
Chatsworth, California

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